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Platform Metering Services
The Platform Metering Services measures measures levels of platform resource utilization such as number of web service/application requests, CPU cycles/time used to process requests to specific web service/application, number of transactions, number of message queue requests, incoming and outgoing network bandwidth (total size of incoming and outgoing messages), data storage volume used by application/service over various periods of time (e.g. second, hour, week, month, year). Calculated average values of the measures can be then used to enforce service SLAs (e.g. to throttle service requests when the total number of requests in specific period of time exceeds limit defined in SLA), load balancing (e.g. to add new application server instances when the average time to process requests exceeds values specified in SLA), for billing purposes (e.g. to provide monthly report with total resource utilization converted to agreed currency) and overall usage trend forecasting.
Platform SMC Services