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Medical Contribution to the Strategic CONOPS Development Process

The purpose of Phase 4a is to detail SACEUR’s concept for the conduct of a NATO-led military operation, in concert with other non-military and non-NATO efforts, to achieve the NATO Military Strategic Objectives (MSOs) and establish conditions required to assist in the achievement of the desired NATO end state. During this phase the weight of effort switches from the strategic level to the operational level. The development of the strategic CONOPS relies heavily on the work of the operational level, especially their development of the operational requirements to support COM JHQ’s concept for the operation, including the deployment, employment, and sustainment of forces. This input is normally provided, in addition to regular collaborative activity between the RDG and the JOPG, through submission of a draft operational CONOPS. At the beginning of this phase, the Strategic Planning Directive (SPD) is developed and sent to the operational level HQ, enabling COM JHQ to conduct an Operational Estimate and issue timely guidance to subordinates. ‘Preconditions ‘ Requires a NAC Initiating Directive with MC guidance. An MRO is selected. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical contribution in this Phase can include *Update the medical support concept of the selected military response option. Provide guidance to the medical planning community (COPD Chapter 3.27 (c)). *Develop the medical support concept in the SPD by building on the medical support concept of the selected MRO (COPD, Chapter 3.29 (b.4, c, and e)). *Provide medical contribution to Strategic CONOPS development (in collaboration with operational level medical planner) **Define the medical support concept including the optimal methods of medical support arrangements including multinational integrated medical units or medical framework/lead nation requirements (COPD, Chapter 3.36 (b.4)) **Contribute to the medical portion of Deployment & Sustainment Concept (COPD Chapter 3.36 (d)) **Provide medical contribution to the strategic CONOPS Main Body (COPD Chapter 3.36-b(4)) **Develop the medical Annex to strategic CONOPS (COPD Chapter 3.36 (b.4)) *Coordinate Operational Requirements (COPD Chapter 3.33) **Review medical resources in the illustrative SORs (i.e., CJSOR, TCSOR, and Manpower SOR) ‘Post-conditions ‘ The SPD is issued to provide authoritative direction to SHAPE, designated JHQ and ACO subordinate commands, enabling COM JHQ to conduct an Operational Estimate and issue timely guidance to subordinates. Strategic CONOPS is available with the illustrative SOR.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes