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Establish CIS in support of Command Facilities

HQ CIS facilities should have well-trained personnel and formal procedures in place to be able to constantly monitor and assess CIS status and restore or repair CIS services, when required. SMC covers all layers from communications equipment to business processes. SMC requirements and processes for federated CIS should be thoroughly implemented. The CIS staff within HQs should establish the following capabilities to enable standard HQ operational functions ‘Information Processing Services. ‘ These services provide the support necessary to accomplish C2. They are further divided into core services and functional services. Core services provide the services common to all users. Functional services provide support for functional and special staff areas. Information processing services consist of data repositories and applications optimized to satisfy the needs of specific staff functions. Both core and functional services rely on information exchange, information assurance, and CIS life-cycle support services ‘Information Exchange Services ‘. These services provide the core communication network services and the wireless communication transport services needed to access and disseminate information in support of political and military decision making. Information exchange services support the exchange of large quantities of information in diverse formats (e.g., voice, text, still image, video, and data) between geographically dispersed locations in a timely, reliable, and secure manner.

Communication and Information Systems Support