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Maritime Operation Management Application

Maritime Operation is a military action or the carrying out of a strategic, tactical, service, training, or administrative military mission; the process of carrying on combat, including movement, supply, attack, defence and manoeuvres needed to gain the objectives of any battle or campaign. Maritime Operations include any actions performed by forces on, under, or over the sea to gain or exploit command of the sea, sea control or sea denial, and/or to project power from the sea. In a joint environment, maritime forces do more than simply pursue the maritime objectives of the JFC’s campaign [AJP-3.1]. There may be Tasks and Nested Tasks in a Maritime Operation as well. The duration of a Maritime Operation can vary. It may be for a couple of weeks, a couple of years or continuous. An example to a long-term operation is to collect and monitor ‘White Shipping ‘ at the NATO Shipping Centre. Due to the nature of a maritime operation, an exercise or training, a ‘Maritime Operation ‘ is the key logical grouping factor for managing information in Maritime Applications. The Maritime Operation Management Application provides the authorised user to manage Maritime Operations and their context-specific data.

Maritime Operational Planning and Execution Applications