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Identity Card Management Application

The Identity Card Management Application enables users to issue and manage identity cards. The Identity Card is used to identify its holder, and may support physical and logical access control. In order to support user identification the identity card needs to display selected identity information including first and last name, clearance level, but also biometrics information e.g. user picture. In order to support physical access control identity card digitally stores basic identity information including user unique id number, last and first name, clearance level, etc. which may be used and evaluated by physical access control system. In order to support logical access control the identity card digitally stores selected selected digital certificates associated with given identity. The information stored on the card may be encoded on a barcode, a magnetic stripe, a radio frequency identification or/and an electronic chip. The information stored on the card is protected by cryptographic technologies and personal PIN known only to the user for which the card was issued. In addition each identity card displays and stores its expiration date. The maintenance of identity cards include issuance, re-issuance, renewal, identity information updating, PIN creation and updating and card termination. The scope of the information stored on the identity card has to be compliant with approved identity privacy and identity card management policies.

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