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Maritime Patrol Aircraft Planning Application

Maritime aircraft can operate independently of a force or as an integral part of a multi-platform Task Force. The planning, tasking and control of maritime air operations is normally done by a maritime air staff embedded in the MCC. The maritime air staff will ensure de-conflicting of air assets through constant dialogue with the AOC. Information of missions tasked by the maritime air staff will be provided to the AOC for incorporation into the Air Tasking Order. The MCC can delegate an appropriate level of C2 to an OTC for direct support operations [AJP-3.1]. The Maritime Patrol Aircraft Planning Application allows the authorised user in MOC/MCC to define Surveillance Areas for MPAs, assign those areas to individual MPAs and display them in the GeoView as Reference Object-Areas or as a list. The Surveillance Areas can be activated or de-activated by the authorised user. Additionally, directions can be sent to MPA via control measures (e.g. an arrow indicating the positions to be inspected or an area requiring surveillance).

Maritime Operational Planning and Execution Applications