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Political Guidance 2011

At their meeting in June 2010 Defence Ministers tasked the Council in Permanent Session to prepare political guidance on ways to improve NATO’s involvement in stabilisation and reconstruction for review by Ministers in October 2010, taking into account related strands of work. This paper responds to that tasking. It offers political guidance that NATO should follow when stabilisation and reconstruction requirements are expected to be part of a future operation. It thus provides the basis for further work to be done by NATO staffs and military authorities in the field of stabilisation and reconstruction, and will also inform NATO’s ongoing HQ and command structure reforms. The guidance should also be used to inform and guide the conduct of current operations. It should also contribute to and complement the work on the response to the tasking by Heads of State and Government to report at their next Summit on further progress with regard to the implementation of the Comprehensive Approach Action Plan and NATO’s ability to improve the delivery of stabilisation and reconstruction effects as part of the international community’s efforts and NATO’s intrinsic contribution to a civil-military approach.

Political Guidance