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AMD JPDAL Development Process
The Air and Missile Defence (AMD) Joint Prioritised Defended Asset List (JPDAL) Development Process is employed by JFAC Combat Plans Division, C2 Plans to develop or update the JPDAL by applying air and missile defence resources and Defence Design COAs to the JPCAL. They also identify shortfalls and risks to critical assets not receiving protection from air and missile attack. C2 Planners then coordinate the draft JPDAL with the [[Joint Defended Asset Working Group (JDAWG) Joint Defended Asset Working Group (JDAWG).]] The JDAWG provides recommendation to the JFC to either approve the JPDAL or to continue planning based on revised apportionment recommendation and/or additional force requirements. The JPDAL is a subset of the JPCAL, identifying assets to be protected from air and missile attack. The JPDAL results form applying a process that employs the CVRT methodology, air and missile defence resources, and defence design to the JPCAL in order to determine what is feasible.
AMD Air Defence Mission Analysis and Statement Processes