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Directive on the Management of Records Generated on Operational Deployment

The Directive on the Management of Records Generated on Operational Deployment provides procedures for the management of records generated during operational deployment, regardless of media, which are related to the planning, conduct and support of NATO operations wherever that activity occurs. This Directive supports the NATO Information Management Policy (NIMP) and the Primary Directive on Information Management (PDIM), which describe all aspects of information management at a high level. Records are critical to a reliable assessment of operations both during their conduct and after their completion. Neglecting to capture, manage and preserve operational records has severe consequences for the planning and conduct of the operation. Operational records will support accountability, will help to protect the interests of the Organization, and the rights of those impacted by operations. They also assist in responding to inquiries and media requests. It is therefore NATO policy to manage and preserve operational records. Records created and/or received by NATO in the context of a NATO operation are NATO records and therefore shall be managed in accordance with the NATO Records Policy (NRP). However, the complexity of military and political interrelationships at the international level and the wide spectrum of crisis situations in which these operational records are generated require specific procedures for their management. Furthermore the multinational character of NATO operations may create specific types of records which are unique to such operations. Within this Directive, an operational record is defined as “information created or received in the course of a NATO operation and maintained as evidence and information by NATO in pursuance of legal obligations, and the conduct of military or civil emergency operations. Records management pertains to the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records. The management of records occurs during every phase of a NATO operation planning, conduct and post-operation assessment.

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