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Medical Contribution to Strategic OPLAN Development and Force Generation Process

The purpose of Phase 4b is first to identify and activate the forces and capabilities required to implement the strategic CONOPS and accomplish the mission within acceptable risks. Second, it specifies, for MC endorsement and NAC approval, the sequence of the strategic activities and operations, including the deployment, employment, sustainment and C2 of NATO-led forces, for the accomplishment of the agreed NATO military mission, as well as the possible necessary interaction required with cooperating non- NATO entities. Phase 4b involves two interrelated processes (Strategic OPLAN Development and Force Generation) that must be harmonised to ensure that the plan being developed is adequately resourced in terms of the capabilities being generated. They are conducted in parallel at the strategic and operational levels to identify and confirm national commitments; to balance the force package against mission requirement; and to appreciate risks from any critical shortfalls. The activation and pre-deployment of enabling forces may also be included. ‘Preconditions ‘ SACEUR’s submission of the strategic CONOPS. NAC approval of the CONOPS and issue of the NAC Force Activation Directive (FAD). ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical contribution in this Phase can include *Coordination of medical contribution to Force Generation (i.e., identification of medical shortfalls, the development of Provisional TCSOR, Provisional CJSOR, Draft CJSOR, Draft TCSOR, and Allied Force List (AFL)) *Provide medical contribution to the international legal arrangements (i.e., definition of the status and/or authority of medical personnel and assets in Status of Forces Agreements (SOFAs), HNS agreements) (COPD Chapter 3-51.b) *Medical Contribution to Force Protection (COPD Chapter 3-59.a) *Provide medical contribution to strategic OPLAN Main Body (Figure 3.11 in COPD) **Responsibility **Health threat & risk **Prioritized medical functions **Host Nation(s) support *Provide medical contribution to strategic OPLAN Annex QQ - Medical Support Plan (Figure 3.11 in COPD) **Assumptions **Medical Support Concept (Medical functions (Force Health Protection, MEDINTEL, Medical Evacuations, Surgery, Hospitalization, Medical Logistics, CBRN), Support to LN, GO, IO, NGO, HNS) **Medical C2 (CCIR, Reporting, Roles & Responsibilities) *Plan Medical Force Preparation and Sustainment including evaluation and certification of forces (COPD Chapter 3.57 (c.3)) - relates to Medical Evaluation process, see [Bi-SC MEDICS MEM UOR, 2014]. ‘Post-conditions ‘ Strategic OPLAN endorsed by the MC and approved by the NAC.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes