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The “Consultation Processes” are composed of a collection of business processes that are implemented and executed to support the practice of regular exchange of information and opinions, communication of actions or decisions and discussion among the affiliates with the aim of reaching consensus on policies to be adopted or actions to be taken. The process of consultation is an extremely important concept in the context of cooperating military organizations. Military organizations exist to serve their nation and consultation is a process by which the management of these military organization aims to better understand the needs, wants and expectations of other military organizations, so that cooperation provides mutual benefits. Consultation is an active process in which organizations open and maintain formal and informal communication channels. These formal and informal communication channels might include * Formal or informal meetings e.g. stakeholders are invited to attend meetings or a series of meetings * Focus group e.g. a select cross-section of stakeholders, small in number, are invited to attend a meeting or series of meetings * Invitation to send a written response e.g. stakeholders are invited to submit comments in writing on a proposal or plan The purpose of consultation is three-fold
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