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Personnel Recovery Processes

The Personnel Recovery (PR) Processes are employed by alliance C2 staffs in order to recover and reintegrate personnel who have become isolated or captured. The isolation, capture and/or exploitation of alliance personnel during operations may have a significant negative impact on operational security, morale of assigned forces and public support. In addition, operations may rely on interaction with agencies or other non-alliance actors for which the alliance may have a responsibility. The alliance has therefore developed a system to recover personnel that have become isolated. Personnel Recovery is a joint function. Components have responsibility and authority to recover their personnel during an operation. Component recovery conducted unilaterally is the primary method to recover personnel and return them to friendly control. When a specific mission exceeds the unilateral capability of a componenet, joint PR missions may be necessary. It is the responsibility of the JPRC and PRCs to coordinate PR procedures and requirements for operations. Most PR activities extend across component and national lines of responsibility. The availability of recovery assets determines the potential for successfully recovering isolated personnel. No single force, recovery system or organization is suitable for all situations and may require a mix of conventional, unconventional and non-conventional recovery systems. Operational flexibility and multi-system redundancy, along with robust command and control are the primary factors in successful recovery operations.

Function-specific Operations