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Strategic Concept 2010

The Strategic Concept is an official document that outlines NATO’s enduring purpose and nature and its fundamental security tasks. It also identifies the central features of the new security environment, specifies the elements of the Alliance’s approach to security and provides guidelines for the adaptation of its military forces. In sum, it equips the Alliance for security challenges and guides its future political and military development. A new Strategic Concept was published at the Lisbon Summit in November 2010, reflecting a transformed security environment and a transformed Alliance. New and emerging security threats, especially since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, NATO’s crisis management experience in the Balkans and Afghanistan, and the value and importance of working with partners from across the globe, all drove NATO to reassess and review its strategic posture. Transformation in the broad sense of the term is a permanent feature of the Organization. Since its inception, NATO has regularly reviewed its tasks and objectives in view of the evolution of the strategic environment. Preparations for the very first Strategic Concept - “The Strategic Concept for the Defense of the North Atlantic Area - started in October 1949. In the course of more than half a century, both the Alliance and the wider world have developed in ways that NATO’s founders could not have envisaged. Such changes have been in each and every strategic document that NATO has produced since then.

Strategic Concept