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Strategic MILENG in Transition Process

The purpose of Phase 6 - Transition is to coordinate the transition and termination of a alliance military operation; this involves the handover of responsibility to proper authority (e.g. the UN, other IOs (e.g. EU) or indigenous actor) in the crisis area and the withdrawal of forces under alliance military command, in a controlled manner so as to avoid this action being a destabilising influence in the region. Each situation will be different; the NAC guidance and direction may necessitate commencing with a strategic assessment (including military considerations), proposal of military options, a transition CONOPS or a revised/new OPLAN. The planning processes specific to phases 2 to 4b may be repeated to develop appropriate products for the NAC (e.g. strategic assessment, military options, transition CONOPS and/or a transition OPLAN). The JEng task is to manage both the drawdown of the operation while continuing to deliver MILENG effect. Where priorities conflict the JEng is to deliver strategic direction and guidance. There will be particular coordination conflicts between the needs of the nations, the requirements of the alliance and the needs of the Operational Commander. The JEng must balance the needs of the operation, maintaining the alliance’s reputation and resetting for the future by recovering and reconstituting MILENG CUR and CP delivered capability. Finally the JEng must undertake a MILENG strategic review and contribute to the alliance’s Lessons process.

Transition Military Engineering Support