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Casualty Stream Generation Process

The Casualty Stream Generation Process describes the activities to generate a casualty stream for the simulatation of the treatment and evacuation of casualties, which is to provide a POI (not required for basic mode), a time of injury and a type of injury or disease for each casualty. The primary input is the Casualty Rate Estimates (provided by the MEDICS Casualty Rate Estimation capability), as well as the CRE Profile for generating these estimates. The CRE Profile may not provide all the information required to generate a Casualty Stream, and therefore may have to be amended with further data. For example, the CRE Profile may not contain the Force Structure. This Force Structure may be needed to generate the Casualty Stream. ‘Preconditions ‘ Casualty Rate Estimates have been generated. Casualty Profiles have been defined (for different Operational Scenarios and unit types). ‘Basic Flow ‘ 1. Import Casualty Rate Estimates (and associated CRE Profile) 2. Amend CRE Profile *Create, update or import Force Structure (not required for basic mode) **Assign locations and operating areas to units (this may be done by dragging and dropping onto a map) 3. Generate Casualty Stream ‘Post-conditions ‘ A Casualty Stream has been generated. ‘Assumptions ‘ A MEDICS Casualty Rate Estimation capability is available to provide CRE. Operational information is available, including *The force structure. *The operational scenario.

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