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Airlift Application

The Airlift Application enables users to plan Airlift operations to transport and deliver forces and materiel through the air in support of strategic, operational, and/or tactical objectives. Airlift operations enable commanders to respond and operate in a wide variety of circumstances and time frames that would be impractical through other modes of transportation. Airlift offer its customers a high degree of speed, range, and flexibility. The Airlift Application assists planners in determining the most effective use of aircraft to meet validated air movements. It supports planning and execution monitoring of single or multiple-segment air land, air location and air drop missions, including those that span multiple Air Tasking Order periods. It supports frequency or requirements-based planning, assisting planners in calculating capacity (airlift) to move cargo and passengers while minimizing required sorties and flying time and allows planners to add, store and modify air move cargo information for each segment of an airlift mission. Finally, it provides in-transit status of aircraft and assigned mission tasks.

Air Movement and Transport Applications