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Maritime Reference Object Management Application

Control measures are directives given to assign responsibilities, coordinate fires and manoeuvre, and control operations. They may be boundaries, special area designations, and other unique markings related to operational environment geometry and necessary for planning and management of operations. Control measure symbols represent control measures that can be portrayed graphically and provide operational information that cannot be displayed via icon-based symbols alone. They can be displayed as points, lines, areas or tactical mission tasks [APP-6]. Maritime control measures are used by NATO to help the maritime component commander and his subordinate commanders to direct action by establishing responsibilities and to prevent ships, units, or aircraft from impeding one another and to impose necessary coordination. They aid cooperation among forces without imposing needless restrictions on their freedom of action. In general terms, maritime control measures can be broken down into points, lines, and areas. The Maritime Reference Object Management Application support maritime control measures (reference points, special points, lines and areas) under ‘Reference Objects ‘, and provides world-wide management of Reference Objects as well as within Maritime Operations, which are identified uniquely in the system context. The definitions Reference Point A Reference Point is a geographical coordinate for a special point or a real object. They are displayed using the selected symbology. Line A Line is a connection of at least two geographical points. It can be a polyline in any form. Area An Area is a closed, geographical shape. It can be a circle, ellipsis, rectangle or polygon. The last point of a multi-point area is always at the same position as the first. Each Reference Object is represented with a set of attributes.

Maritime Operational Object Management Applications