Reference document

Maritime OPLAN Application

The Allied Command Operations Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive (COPD) is the basic reference document for planning staffs within the NATO military command structure. It shapes the Operational Planning Process (OPP) at the strategic-military and the operational-level planning process (OLPP) at the joint level. It addresses all aspects of an OPLAN and provides guidance on the conduct and methods of planning as well as the factors to be taken into consideration during the development of a plan. It also specifies the standard structure and content of OPLANs. As such, it can be a reference for planning at tactical levels, especially for HQs operating at the high end of the tactical level. Depending on the size and nature of the operation, further planning at operational level is performed by these commands. The Maritime OPLAN Application enables the authorised user to prepare plans and/or orders by managing the defined information. Collected data, created plans and orders can be shared among the subordinates as well as distributed by other means.

Maritime Operational Planning and Execution Applications