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Red Battlespace Object Application

The Red Battlespace Object Application enables users to create and maintain graphical representations of Red Battlespace Objects (BSO) (e.g., Units, Events, Persons, Places, Equipment) and the relationships between them and with other intelligence products (e.g., Imagery, Video) using graphical tools and geographic displays (e.g. drag and drop) for geolocating BSOs, in order to create and maintain information on Battlespace Objects and the relationships between them. Traditionally this has included Order of Battle (ORBAT) information, including traditional military data (maritime, ground, air, logistic, etc), but now also includes non-military data (proliferation, terrorism, environment, etc.) reflecting the wider spectrum of NATO Intelligence requirements. This data may be available as Basic Intelligence and/or Current Intelligence data. This information also includes strength, capabilities, command structure, personnel ranking, subordinate units, resources and equipment for a given force/unit.

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