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Operations Logistics Chain Management Application

The Operations Logistics Chain Management (OLCM) Application enables users (such as CJ4 and Joint Logistics Support Group) to make decisions by processing logistic information from the network of NATO and associated logistics chains, enabling coordination, synchronization, prioritization and management of theatre logistic operations. The OLCM application encompasses * The ability for the NATO Commander to specify additional measurable criteria to assist in the monitoring and management of processes, requirements and resources and to establish or modify alert levels that trigger human or system intervention. * The implementation of NATO Priority Process to enable the logistic authority to prioritize logistic requirements and coordinate distribution operations. * The analysis of information and forecasting future resources, requirements, bottlenecks and provide alternatives in order to support the logistics planning and decision making progress. * The incorporation of logistics data to process the data and enable the calculation and the forecasting of resources and requirements in order to manage items on the Reportable Item List (RIL) (e.g. mission essential or critical resources and requirements). * The full spectrum of Logistics solutions to requirements including those which require Host Nation Support and Contractor Integration processes and resources.

Logistics C2 Coordination Applications