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Medical Evaluation Self-Assessments Process

Carry-out Self-Assessments UOR for a MEDICS Medical Evaluation Manual Capability, v1.0 (FINAL). The different modules and capabilities collated in the evaluated MMU/MSS will be provided by different TCNs. These TCNs will be requested to perform self-assessment of the modules they contribute. These self-assessments will be performed by filing in an evaluation data set for each contributed Module. Activities [TCN POC] for each Module *Fill, a Key Questions Form and a Skill Set Form (given in Annex E- Annex AG (for Key Questions Form) and Annex AI (for Skill Set Form) [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014]) for each module and capability to be provided by the TCN. *Provide accompanying documentation to LN POC (e.g., SOPs, personnel and equipment establishment, organisation) [LN POC] *Assess the self-assessment of TCNs *Fill a Questions Prior to Evaluation (QPTE) Form (given in Annex C of [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014]); *Provide accompanying documentation/references to LE/MET (e.g., SOPs, personnel and equipment establishment, organisation)

Medical Evaluation Management Processes