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Joint Coordination Order Application

The Joint Coordination Order (JCO) Application enables users to develop JCOs for a particular mission. It provides the overall operational focus of the High Intensity Warfare campaign and shows the total interaction of all weapons and capabilities, non-lethal and lethal, that the JFC has available to complete its mission. The JCO also provides the JFC’s guidance for a number of days ahead to keep the campaign on track, prioritise and synchronise tasks, and assign objectives and resources to subordinate commanders.

The TOPFAS Working Document ‘Execution Management and Sustaining Use Cases ‘, Version 1.4, Dated 24 June 2016 reviews the Execution Management process at the Operational level and provides detailed user stories and use cases for the JCO development cycle. Consult this document for an extensive description of the JCO Development cycle and associated use cases. The requirements capture presented in this document focuses on the Operational Level Campaign Synchronisation activity carried out by the Joint Coordination Board and resulting in the Joint Coordination Order (JCO).

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