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NATO Directive for NATO PKI Interoperability with the Nations

The Directive for NATO Public Key Infrastructure (NPKI) Interoperability with the Nations is published by the NATO C3 Board in support of the NATO Interoperability Policy, NATO Security Policies for the protection of classified and non-classified information, the Primary Directive on Information Security, the NATO Policy for the Adoption of PKI Technology by NATO Civil and Military Bodies, and the NPKI Certificate Policy. It establishes the processes and procedures for the establishment, update, and maintenance of PKI interoperability mechanisms between NATO, the nations and partners. The purpose of this directive is to define the necessary steps for the secure exchange of PKI information between NATO civil and military bodies, the nations, and partners for both classified and non-classified information. This directive applies to the exchange of PKI information (certificates, Compromise Key Lists (CKLs), etc), between the NPKI and external PKIs (e.g. NATO nations, partners, International Organizations, Business and Academia). General security aspects of the interconnection of NATO networks and external networks (Reference 7) are outside the scope of this directive.

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