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Medical Contribution to Situational Awareness Process

At the strategic level, the purpose of Phase 1 - Initial Situational Awareness of a Potential/Actual Crisis is to assist with the identification of relevant emerging crises, and to support North Atlantic Council (NAC) and/or NATO HQ staff in their NATO Crisis Management Process - Phase 1 activities. The activities at this Phase are managed by the CCOMC. They normally begin when their horizon scanning activities identify an emerging potential/actual crisis that may have implications to NATO’s security interests. On direction from the COP, the issue may be returned back to a CCOMC scanning activity, the CCOMC may build an initial understanding of and monitor the crisis and/or conduct an initial estimation of the crisis and its possible implications to NATO, and/or it can elevated to NATO HQ. In addition, SHAPE may also support NATO HQ staff, as appropriate and directed, with the development of any initial advice. ‘Preconditions ‘ The process will be triggered at Strategic Level as part of the OPP/ ‘Develop Baseline Understanding of, and Monitor, the Emerging Crisis ‘ process in Phase 1 as a result of political level indications and warnings of a potential or actual crisis. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical related activities can include *Provide medical contribution to Situational Awareness (COPD Chapter 3.5) **Contribution to the development of appropriate indications and warnings and initial appreciation of relevant emerging crises, if applicable. **Contribution to the determination of possible threats and risks to NATO security interests with respect to environmental and humanitarian disaster. **Develop an understanding of the system with regard to medical aspects such as identifying medical key personalities, organisations, facilities, features and materiel of each system. *Determine SACEUR’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR), Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR), other information and knowledge requirements relevant to medical situation. Establish information requirements about international engagement (IO, GO and NGO) in Area of Interest (COPD Chapter 3.7). *Build the related medical knowledge base ‘Post-conditions ‘ This phase ends when the political level (the North Atlantic Council, the NAC) issues direction to SACEUR to produce his Strategic Assessment.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes