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Special Operations Planning Appreciation Process

The Special Operations Planning Appreciation Process supports the opportunity for the commander and staff to fully develop their understanding of the situation. Once the staff have developed their understanding of the situation, they apply their professional expertise, judgement, and critical thinking skills to provide sound special operations advice to the Joint Force Command (JFC). For the Special Operations Component Command (SOCC), this process starts with a WNGO from the Joint Task Force Headquarters. Throughout this process, the SOCC continues to develop and refine their CPOE. Activities during this phase include the activation of SOCC planning elements, initiation of the estimate process, and development of the commander’s initial guidance. It is important to appreciate the level and scope of international engagement, including the legal and political aspects, and the international media and public opinions. The SOCCPG must fully understand the alliance’s desired end state and strategic and military operational objectives.

Special Operations Planning Processes