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NATO Information Management Policy

The NATO Information Management Policy (NIMP) establishes the basic principles of information management to be applied by NATO nations and NATO civil and military bodies. This policy aims to support NATO in the conduct of its mission by efficient and effective information management, enabling decision-making by the sharing of information within and between NATO, the Nations and their respective Communities of Interest. The NIMP establishes a framework to ensure that information is handled effectively, efficiently and securely in order to serve the interests of NATO. This includes managing all aspects of information throughout its life-cycle. Within this policy, the term information’ is used to embrace all information, including related data, required in support of NATO’s missions1, whether such information originates in NATO civil or military bodies or is received from member nations or non-NATO sources. Such information, and the media and resources used to record and process it, shall be managed in accordance with this Policy and other relevant NATO agreements and legal obligations. The key objectives of Information Management (IM) are * to support the achievement of Information Superiority primarily within an information sharing networked environment; * to support the effective and efficient use of information resources in the conduct of the NATO mission; and * to support the identification and preservation of information of permanent value to NATO.

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