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National Prophylaxis Library Query Process

The National Prophylaxis Library Query Process ddescribes the activities to query the National Prophylaxis Library. Queries can be based on any single parameter or combination of parameters including nations, regions/AOI, missions/operations, applicable groups and diseases, and may be generated by selecting them from a list or, where appropriate, from a map view e.g. by clicking on a region of a map. Where there is no data the query result will indicate that data is not available rather than simply omit the result. For example if a query seeks all nations which do not consider Diphtheria to be a Standard vaccine for Alert Forces, the resulting list of nations would include those for which this is the case as well as those nations for which there is no information yet in this category. ‘Preconditions ‘ Some basic lookup data such as nations and diseases should exist in the system ‘Basic Flow ‘

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