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Casualty Rate Generation Process

The Casualty Rate Generation Process enables the further inquiries reading the calculation details, the output of the estimation process shall be uniquely linked to all the parameters that the estimation process took as an input force structure, PAR, the operational scenario, estimation parameters/properties, time interval, etc. The information about (or a link to) the estimation process, the force structure, the scenario description and the estimation parameters shall be included in the outputs/reports of an estimation process. A set of CRE settings representing a particular scenario is called a CRE Profile. Each profile contains data sets relating to the Operational Scenario and the Force Structure. The CRE system will provide a CRE profile as input to the MSS system together with the estimated casualty rates. The MSS system will produce better results if the CRE system provides it with more information in the CRE profile. For example the table above can contain meta-data about the operational phase for which the estimates are given. Another useful input for MSS is a breakdown by unit; CRE can provide table like the one about for each of the units (forces) used as input for the estimation process.

Casualty Rate Estimation Processes