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Maritime Operational Tasking Application

During the execution of NATO-wide operations, MARCOM directives are prepared in line with those of the JFC and SCs, but they focus more on the details associated with the maritime aspects of the operation. Directives issued by the MCC’s subordinates focus on the tactics, techniques and procedures of naval warfare and maritime operations. Maritime forces use mission-type orders that specify the “what and rely upon the initiative and leadership of their commanders to provide the ‘how ‘ of maritime warfare. The Maritime Operational Tasking Application maintains lists of Maritime Missions, Tasks and Unit Tasks under Maritime Operation Management. The authorised user can manage these lists. It also allows the user to develop Coordination Orders (Joint Coordination Order (JCO), Maritime Coordination Order (MCO), Fragmentary Orders (FRAGO), Operational General Matters (OPGEN), and Operational Tasking (OPTASK) messages.

Maritime Operational Planning and Execution Applications