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Land Targeting Processes

The Land Targeting Processes seek to describe the activities conducted by the elements of the Land Component in support of both Joint and Land Component objectives. These processes are complementary to other component targeting processes and is conducted in all operations throughout the operational framework in both current and planned future operations. Targeting has utility throughout the operational spectrum, from high to low intensity operations and throughout the range of lethal and non-lethal systems. In addition, formation/manoeuvre commanders in rear areas may benefit from the application of targeting principles. The introduction into service in recent years of sophisticated systems able to accurately detect and track targets together with new effects systems has heightened the profile of targeting. In achieving the formation/manoeuvre commander’s intent, targeting is concerned with producing specific effects in a systematic manner. Targeting methodology considers all targeting options, both lethal and non-lethal, to achieve desired effects with the least risk, time and expenditure of resources. The Land Targeting Processes are based on a cycle of sub-processes Decide; Detect; Track; Deliver; and Assess. This methodology provides a systematic approach to enable the right target to be effected with the appropriate system at the right time and place. The process provides an effective method for matching friendly capabilities against the most important targets in order to achieve the formation/manoeuvre commanders desired effects. It is a dynamic process that allows those involved in the targeting process to keep up with rapidly changing situations. The methodology, tools and products described in this chapter must be continually reviewed as the situation develops and updated on the basis of situation reports and combat assessments. The functions are not necessarily phased or sequenced and may frequently occur throughout operational planning and execution.

Land Operations Execution Processes