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Special Operations Situational Awareness Process

The Special Operations Situational Awareness Process supports the development and maintenance of a level of understanding to support assessments and decision making by the Special Operations Component Command (SOCC). Because the alliance does not have a standing SOCC to maintain awareness of events happening within the alliance’s sphere of interest, the NSHQ Situational Awareness Centre maintains an understanding of on-going global events. The process formally brings when the Strategic Commander designates an area of interest and assigns responsibilities for situation monitoring to a JTF HQ. Although the NSHQ commander may not stand up a SOCCPG at this point, the NSHQ and the SOFAD at the designated JTF HQ should begin the knowledge development process. This process includes developing SOCC RFIs, making initial judgements about the potential threats and risks, and building the SOCC’s knowledge base concerning conditions, trends, population, and previous assessments of the environment. A SOPLE may be deployed to assist and to augment the assigned SOFAD. During this phase, SOCC planners initiate the CPOE and develop their initial assessment.

Special Operations Planning Processes