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Track-to-Track Correlation Application

The Track-to-Track Correlation Application enables users to compare sensor tracks and receive tracks to determine if they represent the same airborne object as well as to manage the amalgamation of data from multiple sources on correlated tracks in order to verify the correlation status and in case of de-correlation to associate data to de-correlated tracks; to handle operator alerts for each system track or point where the emergency status or Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) code indicates an emergency in order to conduct Emergency Management; to provide an indication of the kinematic data age and the positional accuracy as well as the determination of reporting responsibility for tactical data links in order to monitor track quality; to detect and resolve IFF/SIF conflicts between system tracks and tracks from tactical data links; to detect environment/category conflicts between system tracks and tracks from tactical data links in order to resolve conflicts; to detect tracks with multiple track numbers and to resolve the conflicts in order to manage track number assignments; to detect and resolve identification conflicts on tracks; to predict position, speed and heading to a common time reference in order to execute extrapolation of system tracks.

Air Track Management Applications