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CIED Understanding and Intelligence

Understanding and intelligence underpin the pillars of activity that define the countering improvised explosive device (C-IED) approach.. Understanding and intelligence are essential to comprehend the operating environment and to enabling effective targeting of the adversary threat network. Methods for understanding and intelligence need to be comprehensive, which at the operational level requires cooperating with various Alliance and host nation (HN) agencies and organisations. It is also necessary to design an effective information management (IM) system to collect and fuse all sources of information to facilitate a rapid information exchange between all involved elements. Understanding and intelligence supports the three pillars of the C-IED approach a. Defeat the device. There is a clear need to understand the characteristics of IEDs and how the adversary employs them. This enables the Alliance to develop the correct drills, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) and force protection (FP) measures. Success in defeat the device (DtD) activities, and subsequent exploitation, provides intelligence to further refine drills and TTP in all three pillars. b. Attack the networks. Understanding and intelligence underpins attack the networks (AtN) activities by identifying the links and nodes as well as providing focus on critical vulnerabilities and high value targets. It also enables better understanding of the actors and how to influence them. The fusion of intelligence and operational considerations is critical to effective targeting of adversary threat networks. It informs decisions such as to whether it is advantageous to target an individual immediately or wait to allow the situation to develop and gain additional intelligence while interdicting at a time of our choosing. c. Prepare the force. Understanding and intelligence enables prepare the force (PtF) activities by providing situational and cultural awareness and familiarity with the environment prior to deployment. The Alliance uses understanding and intelligence for planning effective training and exercises, enabling mission rehearsals and developing the correct mind-set, drills and TTP. It also assists with understanding how the threat may evolve and feeds into capability development and improvements to all aspects of delivering the C-IED approach.

Counter IED Processes