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CRE Variable Settings Process

The CRE Variable Settings Process enables the user to perform the setting of variables that tune the Casualty Rate Estimation (CRE) algorithm. As such, this process represents the way the application logic is applied and changes will affect the results of the CRE estimation process. Settings are changed only in the context of an approval process which recognizes the implications of the changes being made. The CRE variables include a variety of user settings, the choices they may select from and the impact these choices have on CRE calculations. As an example, some of the variables can be estimation factor (worst case, best case, average); weighting on results ; range of values; and parameters/properties/methods specific to the estimation algorithm used (e.g. confidence interval, validity, optimality, methods of derivation, etc). The variables also include casualty categories against which the CRE reports.

Casualty Rate Estimation Processes