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FER Development Process

; Develop FER ‘UOR for a MEDICS Medical Evaluation Manual Capability, v1.0 (FINAL) ‘ During this phase, the results of the interviews will be collectively evaluated by the Lead Evaluator(s) and Members using all available evaluation data produced during the Evaluation Campaign. For each unit being evaluated, the respective MET will develop an evaluation of unit’s overall capability to accomplish the task and produce a synthetic report called the Final Evaluation Report summarizing findings. It is the responsibility of the Lead Evaluator and Members to formulate and complete the FER, and the responsibility of the Lead Evaluator to approve the FER for release to ACO and to the JTF Commander. The MET at the Level IV evaluation (i.e., MSS), is responsible for building upon the Level III (unit level) evaluation phase by transferring the unit confidence in capability to the operational commander that will hold responsibility for the unit. The MET for the evaluation of MSS holds the responsibility to provide [NATO AMedP-1.6, 2014] *Reiteration of the medical capability requirements. *Resolution of capability deficiencies. *Assessment reporting of medical capabilities for the Commanders validation. ‘Activities ‘ [LE with support from MET Members] *View all assessments and reports produced as part of the Evaluation Campaign; *Develop / Complete the Final Evaluation Report; *Send FER to ACO/JTF Commander/Commander of MSS/MMU

Medical Evaluation Management Processes