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COP Viewer Application

The Common Operational Picture (COP) Viewer Application enables users to visualize, navigate and query the COP. The COP is considered to be a composite Information Product enabling shared situational awareness and command and control decisions. In this context, ‘operational’ depicts information relevant for the conduct of a military operation and in that respect the COP is not only valid for the operational levels of command but also at the tactical levels. ‘Picture’ is meant metaphorically as well as literally. The former implies that all actors have the same information with respect to the operations (if permitted). The latter means that information is presented in a (geo-)graphical mode. In the COP it is possible to present all relevant information (positions of units, vehicles, movements, etc) of a battlefield on a map tailored for the commander in terms of his area of interest. As such the COP will be used and displayed an COI specific C2 systems. However, in order to provide a minimum SA capability to those staff member that do not have access to a specific C4ISR system to get access to the COP a simple COP Viewer Application is required.

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