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The ‘Govern process area is composed of a collection of business processes that are implemented and executed to support the implementation of government defence policy and directing and supervising all organisations and functions of the defence enterprise including military forces and civilian components. This includes setting direction through prioritization and decision-making, monitoring performance, compliance and progress against agreed direction and objectives. The primary objectives of the governance processes is to ensure the policy, defence and contingency planning, force development (incl capability development, training, and readiness assessment) and ultimately military operations are conducted in accordance with overall defence policy and guidance and that the defence enterprise continually improves itself to counter emerging threats. * Set strategy * Manage the defence enterprise ** Planning ** Organizing and staffing (incl. allocate resources) ** Administer the defence budget ** Administer strategic capability and infrastructure investments *** Administer strategic force structure and personnel matters ** Monitoring and Controlling, Performance and Risk management * Develop strategic relations and planning with international/multinational partners

Business Processes