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Medical Contribution to Initial Situation Awareness of a Potential or Actual Crisis Process

The purpose of Phase 1 - Initial Situational Awareness of a Potential/Actual Crisis is to assist NATO with the identification of emerging crises that have relevance to NATO’s security interests and support the SACEUR/SHAPE staff in their strategic OPP Phase 1 activities. ‘Preconditions ‘ SACEUR’s designation of the Area of Interest (AOI) as a result of coordinated horizon scanning activities. ‘Basic Flow ‘ Medical contribution in this Phase includes *Provide medical contribution to Initial Understanding of an Emerging Crisis (if applicable) **Appreciate Existing Information and Intelligence **Identify Information, Intelligence and Knowledge Requirements Develop CCIR, PIR, CIKR, PIKR *Provide medical contribution to Initial Military Advice (if applicable) *Contribute to the related medical knowledge base ‘Post-conditions ‘ Operational-level staff (including potential JOPG Planners) has developed an Initial Operational-level systems perspective of the crisis area.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes