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JIPOE Area Evaluation Application

The JIPOE Area Evaluation Application enables users to assess the effect of relevant factors concerning the operational environment on the activities conducted by both friendly and opposing forces. In relation to counter-terrorism and force protection, this will include the constraints to military and non-military forces operations, (e.g. the ethnic distribution of the population and its loyalties). Some of the principal factors affecting the operational environment are terrain, infrastructure, information environment, protected areas, weather conditions and medical factors. The operational environment imposes constraints and provides opportunities to adversary and friendly forces that are crucial in predicting possible adversary Courses of Action (COAs) and developing friendly COAs. Successfully identify the dimensions of the operational environment, the extent of those dimensions, the effects obtaining from them and communicating this information with the appropriate graphical products thus allowing the commander to rapidly choose and exploit those effects that best support his mission objectives.

JIPOE Application