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Basic Mode Simulation Run Process

The Basic Mode Simulation Run Process describes the activities to define locations and not include evacuations. Basic mode will generate a Basic Report which will list the number and types of Medical Treatment Facilities required to treat the provided Casualty Stream. The user shall be able to run basic mode without having to supply any further input. ‘Preconditions ‘ A Casualty Stream has been generated (points of injuries are not required). Casualty Profiles have been defined. (generic) Medical Treatment Facilities have been defined. ‘Basic Flow ‘ 1. Select basic mode. 2. Run simulation. ‘Post-conditions ‘ A Basic Report has been generated. ‘Assumptions ‘ Casualty profiles are available, including the types of injuries and diseases (that are to be simulated), treatment profiles for each injury and disease and prevalence data. Deriving such prevalence data may require the availability of the following MEDICS capabilities *MEDICS Trauma Registry capability. *MEDICS Disease Surveillance (System) capability. *MEDICS EPI-NATO capability. *MEDICS Medical Reporting capability.

Medical Support Simulation Processes