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Counter-IED Processes
The processes for Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) operations involve multiple military functional areas and, therefore, rely on an integrated and comprehensive approach that is joint, inter-agency and multinational (inter-governmental). This should be accomplished through permanent and intensive civil-military interaction (CMI) with civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) as the main facilitator. Commanders at all levels must be proactive in interacting with the civil environment to harmonize efforts. It is also imperative for politicians from governments of troop contributing nations to engage with other governments as well as the financial and industrial sectors that directly or indirectly play a part in the IED system. The C-IED approach must be embedded throughout the preparation, planning and execution of operations. This will link to campaign design and campaign management which will enable a commander to analyse, plan and subsequently execute and assess in an environment with an IED threat. C-IED is the responsibility of commanders at all levels. It requires the support and understanding of all those participating in operations. The desired outcome of C-IED is to minimise the risks posed by an adversary’s IED system so it is no longer a significant constraint on the successful conduct of operations.
Function-specific Operations