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Land Mission Analysis Application

The Land Mission Analysis Application enables users to support the assessment of the situation and mission by collating, analyzing, and synthesizing the information required by commanders and staffs to orient themselves on the current conditions of the operational environment. Functionality is provided to support analysis of the Higher Headquarters’ Plan or Order and generate Requests For Information (RFIs) to clarify or obtain additional information from higher headquarters. The Land Mission Analysis Application supports conduct of Initial Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operating Environment and provides shared awareness of the enemy, terrain and weather, and key civil considerations. Functionality is provided to structure the identification of both Specified and Implied tasks, and to collate the determination of Essential Tasks for inclusion in the mission statement. The application supports review of available assets and the identification of resource shortfalls by providing functionality to perform asset/task matching. The Land Mission Analysis Application supports identification of constraints, critical facts and assumptions. Functionality to support hazard identification and risk management is provided. Initial Commander’s Critical Information Requirements and Essential Elements of Friendly Information are generated and stored, and the application supports development of the initial ISR Synchronization Matrix. The Land Mission Analysis Application supports development of the initial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Plan. The application also provides functionality to collate the Mission Analysis Briefing into required format.

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