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Generate Revised Budgets

Supplementary budget estimates proposing adjustment of appropriations in the approved annual budget may be submitted in accordance with procedures prescribed by the relevant finance committee. In particular, the effects of inflation factors and variations in the exchange value of a member country’s currency in which the expenditures of an Alliance Body are to be made, or in which its budget is expressed, shall be assessed and, insofar as they may require additions to, or permit significant reductions of, appropriations in the approved annual budget, shall be reported to the relevant finance committee. The budgetary adjustments proposed may be approved by the finance committee within the limits set by the Alliance Council, or appropriate governing body as applicable. Exceptional supplementary budgetary adjustments to meet financial or operational emergencies and changing requirements will be subject to approval by the Alliance Council or appropriate governing body. Any increases in budgetary provision required by an Alliance Body subject to multinational funding arrangements shall, in all cases, be agreed in advance by the appropriate authorities concerned.

Budget Preparation and Approval Processes