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Casualty Rate Estimation Application

The Casualty Rate Estimation (CRE) Application enables users to obtain casualty rate estimations in order to predict the expected Battle Casualties (BC), Disease and Non-Battle Injuries (DNBI) casualties, for a given operational scenario, along a defined timeline based on the empirical research done on the historical data of similar missions and planning factors. The CRE Capability enables incorporation of actual/historical casualty rates and casualty rate estimates from other sources and to enable statistical and graphical analysis of various estimation rates and historical casualty rates. Although it requires complicated and data-intensive processing, the CRE Capability provides casualty rate estimation as a simple, user-friendly, rapid and reliable process. This process requires domain knowledge but does not require knowledge of simulation techniques. It is used for effective planning and to ensure the most efficient use of scarce medical resources. The results provided by the CRE Capability help medical planners to estimate the medical resources required for a mission. The capability may support the Capability Requirements Review (CRR) as part of NATO’s Defence Planning Process (NDPP). The CRE can be used in the Case Studies developed for the CRR process.

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