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Special Operations Execution and Assessment Process

Special Operations Execution and Assessment Process supports the execution of the approved plan of the Special Operations Forces Command (SOCC). The SOCC’s task is to conduct special operations in support of the JFC’s goals and objectives. Throughout this process, the SOCC must monitor the environment and assess the outcome of SOF actions across the entire battlespace. Combat assessment is a continual process that occurs during every step of planning and execution. If, during execution, adjustments are required to the plan, the SOCC may amend the plan based on the direction and guidance of the SOCC and with the concurrence of the Joint Task Force (JTF). The tools available to amend or adjust a plan are a FRAGO, JCO, or rewriting of the SUPPLAN. The SOCC directs which format he prefers or which best meets the higher commander’s operational or timeline requirements for amending a plan during execution.

Special Operations Planning Processes