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PR Planning Processes

The Personnel Recovery (PR) Command and Control (C2) Planning Processes define the processes support the operational planning for PR events. Planning recovery operations is a part of all alliance peacetime, wartime, and Crisis Response and Limited Contingency Operations Personnel Recovery Planning will include the establishment of the Joint Personnel Recovery Center (JPRC(s)) and Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC(s)) of a Joint Task Force (JTF). PR planning includes as a primary outcome, the development of an overarching PR requirement and Courses of Actions (COAs) to meet those requirements. It includes, but is not limited to identifying and providing recovery resources to support operations. Planners must identify required PR capabilities and request those capabilities from NATO nations at the earliest possible time to properly support their combat operations/forces. Commitment from the nations to support PR either directly with dedicated assets or indirectly by being prepared to support when requested is paramount.

Personnel Recovery Processes