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Initiate the Bidding Process
Requisitioning offices order products and services by way of Procurement Requests processed and sent to the Procurement Service through Procurement and Contracting Information System (PCIS). The Administrative Officer of the concerned Division, reviews all requests received in order to establish the actual need for the requirement, certify the Procurement Request and transmit it to the Procurement Service through PCIS. Procurement action for the purchase of goods and/or services shall be initiated by the Procurement Service only after receipt of the Procurement Request. It shall be accepted for execution only when presented in a manner which will permit prompt procurement action. Procurement Requests, upon receipt by the Procurement Service, shall be checked for processability. Procurement Requests which are considered totally or partially nonprocessable or which may be processable only after research and investigation, shall be referred to the requisitioner for refinement, clarification, and further appropriate action. The Procurement Request shall contain an accurate and detailed description of each required item and/or service, including, as appropriate, stock number, manufacturer’s part number, nomenclature, necessary drawings and specifications, quantity to be purchased, estimated unit price, the customer, the required delivery date, if any, shipping instructions, and other pertinent information. If an estimate of the unit price has been given by the requisitioner, or if he/she has requested specific sources to be included in a solicitation, the Procurement Request shall be accompanied by appropriate information to this effect. Procurement Requests are to be submitted early enough to provide the Procurement Service with sufficient procurement lead time. They shall provide known and unambiguous specifications including, where necessary, reference to technical documentation. In the absence of such specifications, the work required will be clearly stated in detail and such statement will constitute in itself an annex to the Contract/Purchase Order. The originator of a Procurement Request may amend it during the Procurement Process when changes thereto are required, e.g.; regarding goods and/or services requested, additions, cancellations, changes of the required delivery date, etc. The Procurement Service will inform the requisitioner of the consequences of the requested action, if any, and obtain concurrence thereto. Thereafter, the Procurement Service will amend the procurement action accordingly.
Supplier Management Processes