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Medical Contribution to the Operational CONOPS Development Process

The purpose of Phase 4a - Operational CONOPS Development is to detail COM JHQ’s concept for the conduct of a NATO-led military campaign or operation, in concert with other non-military and non-NATO efforts, to achieve the NATO military operational objectives and establish conditions required to assist in the achievement of the strategic objectives and the desired NATO end state. The operational CONOPS, developed in collaboration with the strategic and component levels, is the formal expression of the Commander’s intent for the conduct of the campaign or operation, including the deployment, employment, and sustainment of forces. It includes the required detail to outline the necessary operational requirements to realize this vision. ‘Preconditions ‘ Commander’s selected COA is defined including a clear expression of the Commander’s Intent for the conduct of the campaign or operation, refined as required by the JOPG according to the Commander’s direction and guidance, including **Commander’s operational design. **Provisional component missions, including objectives. *Commander’s guidance is available, including on required branches and sequels, and milestones for the development of the CONOPS. *Commander’s guidance on coordination with relevant national and international actors is available. Basic Flow Following activities can be conducted from a medical perspective *Medical contribution to Operational CONOPS Main Body. The following sections may be applicable for medical consideration **Operational Direction Forces and Resources, Cooperation with Others Actors, Risk Management **Execution Coordinating Instructions (i.e., Specific requirements, direction and priorities) CCIR, medical CRMs, Force Protection, CBRN Defence, Environmental Protection, Public Affairs, Civ-Mil Coop, Operations Assessment, Lessons Learned *Concept for Service Support **Development of Medical Support Concept ***The following sections require coordination with the medical planner Logistic Support Concept, Logistic Standards and Requirements, Host Nation Support Concept, Supply & Maintenance, Contractor Support, Finance. *Development of Annex QQ - Medical. *The following Annexes may require coordination with the medical planner Logistics from a medical perspective, Staging and entry into the JOA, Logistic command, control and co-ordination relationships, Reporting procedures, Force Protection, Environmental Support, NCRS, including implementation of specific CRMs, Intelligence, Legal, Operations Assessment, Public Affairs. *Medical contribution to the development of operational requirements, i.e., ‘illustrative’ CJSOR, illustrative’ TCSOR, ‘illustrative’ manpower SOR. *Recommendations for additional CRMs. *Medical contribution to Review & Update Operational CONOPS & SORs **Review draft component CONOPS & update draft CONOPS **Review illustrative component SORs & update illustrative SORs. ‘Post-conditions ‘ The draft operational CONOPS is submitted and it meets SACEUR’s strategic intent and supports achievement of the strategic objectives and NATO end state. It is accompanied by illustrative’ statements of requirements (e.g., CJSOR, TCSOR, Manpower SOR, and ROEREQ). Normally, the draft operational CONOPS is submitted in time for it to be considered for the finalization of the strategic CONOPS. The finalization of the draft operational CONOPS has considered the draft component CONOPS, if available.

Medical Support Operations Planning Processes