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Mission Types and Tasks
The “Mission Types and Tasks” taxonomy layer represents the missions and operations that the Alliance is expected to be capable to perform, as derived from NATO’s policy and guidance. They are expressed as a set of Military Strategic Objectives (MSOs) and Operational Objectives (OO) required to achieve a specified end-state. The circumstances for the occurrence of a specific Mission Types (MT) are described in a Generic Planning Situation (GPS) that provides generalized descriptions of the affiliated political, military, socio-economic and geographic environment. A Key Task (KT) defines the activities that need to be performed by the Alliance in order to achieve the stated objectives or desired effect of a specific Mission Type. Key Tasks are identified through the Mission-to-Task Decomposition (MTD), which is part of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP). Key Tasks are decomposed into sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks.
Missions and Operations