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Mission Types and Tasks

The ‘Mission Types and Tasks ‘ taxonomy layer represents the missions and operations that the Alliance is expected to be capable to perform, as derived from NATO’s policy and guidance. They are expressed as a set of Military Strategic Objectives (MSOs) and Operational Objectives (OO) required to achieve a specified end-state. The circumstances for the occurrence of a specific Mission Types (MT) are described in a Generic Planning Situation (GPS) that provides generalized descriptions of the affiliated political, military, socio-economic and geographic environment. A Key Task (KT) defines the activities that need to be performed by the Alliance in order to achieve the stated objectives or desired effect of a specific Mission Type. Key Tasks are identified through the Mission-to-Task Decomposition (MTD), which is part of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP). Key Tasks are decomposed into sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks.

Missions and Operations