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Transition Management Processes
The processes for Transition Management describe the activities to bring a new capability, unit, system, sub-system or enabling system into its operational environment, or to change the operational environment of an existing element, including the transfer of accountability and responsibility from one organizational entity to another (i.e. from development into operations). The main focus of the transition process is to establish and execute procedures to enable a controlled, well-managed start to the operations process (utilization and support). The process should be planned and organised over all lines of development (DOTMLPF-I) of the capability, all interfaces to other capabilities and the defined function and necessary support by the supply-chain (e.g. industry). Though it is common to think of the transition from capability development to fielding as a point in time, transition is actually a process that takes place over time. The transition process is a set of activities in a sequential, phased order.
Capability Development Processes